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How To Make A Custom Made Fidget Spinner

How To Make A Custom Made Fidget Spinner

I spray painted my fidget spinner, I used dishwasher soap to make lines on it, which I think gave a nice effect.
PART 2 of How to make a fidget spinner DIY: FREE DIY Fidget Spinner TEMPLATE – make your own Fidget.
Top 5 Best Ways How to Customize Your Fidget Spinner, Make ANY Fidget Spinners Light Up Or Change.
Fidget spinners are the must have gadget for NJ kids and the bane of NJ teachers this spring. There's also a.
thx for watching.
Hello YouTube in this video I will be showing you how to modify and customize a regular Fidget spinner into.
Custom fidget spinners that you can design the whole spinner.. Our original custom fidget spinners are high quality designed for giveaway at trade shows, .
This fidget spinner is designed to relieve stress and boredom, but also makes a fun gift! A great giveaway item for school events, trade shows, or anywhere your .

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